If you see him coming do not admit him into your house to do

If you see him coming, do not admit him into your house to do any work. Brandon http://hardwood-floor-refinishing.ca/ has difficulty completing any simple cuts, often getting them too short and then hiding his errors with shoe-moulding. Brandon was a difficult person to get in touch with.

Thank you Brandon and crew, I really appreciate it. I was given his number through my wife, called him looking for a quote and within the SAME day he was at our place pricing our job. Did not contain saw dust, made a mess of the main floor...did not hang plastic sheeting to contain the mess.

I absolutely love the job they completed and would recommend them and would hire them again on future projects. I'm so happy with the finished product and couldn't be any more thrilled with the service. I would certainly recommend them personally and had owner Brandon Roulston give me his business card to pass on.

Would have no hesitation recommending him, extremely competent and professional. 3. Showed up with his crew on the day the day he said he would and actually finished early. The quality of their work was excellent !!!!

We are very pleased with the quality of the work. The crew were easy to work with and they dealt with my concerns promptly. They came in on Tuesday at 845AM as promised and done before 5. They did the master bedroom and another room on the first day, and finished the last 2 the next day.

We got lucky to have his company do the work in a short period of time as his schedule is pretty much booked for the rest of August. I would recommend them to family, friends and neighbors any time. Brandon promised to have the floor repaired, however he neglected to return any phone calls and ignored my messages.